Alan Smith

Frank Trim


Personal Profile

Looking at things as an opportunity. Always exploring and making new stuf, solutions or expressions. That’s me. Making things. It doesn't really matter what. I have been doing so my whole life, with passion, attention to detail and creativity. And I will keep on doing so.

Work Experience

Digital Nomad

june 2019 - Present

Me and my family have recently left the comfort of our life in the Netherlands and emigrated to Portugal. I'm restoring an old traditional Portuguese house but all so continue my work as a creative professional.

Self employed

Janruary 2013 - Present

Amerikaas is born. The change came along for me to perform some freelance graphic -on and offline design in all kinds of fields.

Sr. Designer: Ministery of Defence

October 2008 - April 2018

As senior designer I took care of the intake of assignments, wrote out the briefings and joined all kind of creative sessions. I had the responsibility of eight follow designers and of course still did a lot hands-on-work myself.

Key Skills

  • Creativety
  • Communicative
  • Precise
  • Deadline is deadline
  • Adobe CC
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe XD
  • MS office


Industrial design; Technical University Delft


1996 - 2000. With specialities in graphic design and architecture.

Ignatius College VWO


1990 - 1996 Purmerend, the Netherlands