About me


Making things: that’s what I like to do.  I’ve been making things all my life.  And it really doesn’t matter what.

As a child I was always crafting, taking things apart or messing around with trash.  In high school it was no different: I made my own agenda and also t-shirts, bags and jackets had to be customised.  At the university, I had a lot of fun at the beautiful workshop of the Industrial Design Engineering department in Delft.

During my last employment (Ministry of Defense) I could fully enjoy my passion: shaping visual communication tools.  In recent years, these were mainly digital publications.  In addition, I have always worked as a freelancer to maintain the diversity of assignments and styles.

At the moment I am completely renovating an old farmhouse in Portugal.  Here I gain new ideas and inspiration that I include in my freelance work.

Feel free to check out my CV